Why choose an auction?

Auctions are not the last resort, they are the first step.

Auctions are the best way to convert assets into quick cash.

Are you thinking of an auction? Auctions are the one of the oldest forms of marketing. They have been here for thousands of years. We are committed to making your auction a success. Through our network of auction associates, we can accommodate any type or size of auction. There is no real secret to an auction but you must have two things to have one: Sellable items and Buyers for those items.

Personal property consists of all items inside the home, business or storage facility available for an auction. We have staff to sort and display items in the manner that will bring you the most money for your items.

We offer real estate auctions alone or with personal property if there was an estate or downsizing involved. We are also a licensed Real Estate sales associate with Trader’s Realty. We sell real estate both traditional or at auction, whichever is the seller’s choice.

Not all auction companies are the same. Before choosing one to sell your property, choose one that will work hardest to get you the most. Cheapest is not always the best. This is your most important auction. That is how we will handle it. Your property is spotlighted with no price caps.

We offer asset appraisals for estate evaluation, business evaluation or insurance evaluation.

We offer complete services for sellers and trust officers, banks, attorneys, CPA’s, Estate representatives, Partnerships, and Individuals selling one item up to the largest estate or collections.

It is normal to be overwhelmed by the amount of work and detail involved in downsizing or settling an estate. Before calling a real estate agent, contact us for a no cost consultation.

Competitive bidding is the only way for an item to reach its highest possible value in a short amount of time.

We also furnish auctioneers, bid spotters, clerks, cashiers, pre-auction and post-auction labor as needed, in our 5000 sq. ft auction facility. We offer free internet advertising, also. We may be the most qualified for your auction needs.